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Annual Parents Meeting at BCAS Campus, Kalmunai Annual Parents Meeting at BCAS Campus, Kalmunai

A.R. Mohamed Nizzad

April 29 2018

British College of Applied Studies (BCAS), one of the few leading vocational and tertiary education providers in Sri Lanka has been proudly rendering its services for over 20 years across the country and overseas. Further, it offers various courses from Degree foundation to Post Graduate qualifications in the South Eastern Region for the ultimate benefit of the students. BCAS has been a stepladder behind many success stories and it maintains a cordial relationship with parents in terms of the welfare of the students and to ensure meeting the hope and trust of parents at BCAS. Accordingly, BCAS Campus, Kalmunai held an annual parents gathering on 29th of April 2018 at the auditorium of BCAS Campus, Kalmunai. The gathering was ceremonially started at 09.30AM and lasted till 02.00 pm.

The event was presided by Eng. N.T.Hameed Ali – Manager, BCAS Campus, Kalmunai while Mr. A.A.M. Isthikar, The General Manager - Business Development and Mr. A.M Riyas, Manager - Student Affairs and Study Abroad graced the event and delivered keynote addresses.

At the session, parents were handed the individual progress report of their son / daughter whereas the tripartite discussion was held among the students, parents and the BCAS Academic Panel through which the insights on the steps towards the future were focused and well expounded to the students and parents along with an effective question and answer session. The event also carried the students’ carrier guidance and the contemporary trends in job seeking.

During the session, parents expressed their appreciation of organizing this kind of events frequently in order to discuss their child's progress with them and keep them colloborated. Finally, the event was concluded with the pleasant lunch.