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Inter-batch Debate Competition Inter-batch Debate Competition

A.R. Mohamed Nizzad

December 31 2018

Debating and speaking skills are fundamental for legal professionals, but the ability to make the point and discuss issues is a requirement for all careers. 

The Inter-batch Debate Competition was organized by BCAS Campus, Kalmunai between ACCESS (English + IT) Batch 21 & 22 for the ever boiling hot topic "Should Women go to work?" where Batch-21 debated against to the topic and Batch-22 in favour of the topic. Despite the heated arquements and justifications, the panel of judges concluded Batch-21 as the winners exclusively based on the arquements and the points submitted in front of the crowded audience. 

Judges emphasized the students that apart from winning or losing in educational debates, you all are winners already the moment you accepted the challenge and decided to stand in front of the crowd for your side.

The students were trained by the English Language Teaching Unit (ELTU) of BCAS Campus, Kalmunai throughout their Access Programme and the outcome of the debate was a clear witness how the students were molded during their stay at BCAS just after their A/Ls.