Success Stories


Diploma in CAD & BS

Auto CAD Draughtman

I am Mohamed ANFAS from Kalmunai, a highly rural part in Eastern Province of Sri Lanka. Due to disturbances prevailed in Kalmunai I could not enter a State University. BCAS allowed me to join and continue with my studies. It also allowed me to pay later.  I am very much proud to be the student of BACS Campus to follow the diploma in CAD&BS programme. Because of the professional study from BCAS only, I had an opportunity to join M/s Central Engineering Consultancy Bureau (CECB) at Colombo with a compatible salary and also It helps to fulfil my dream as a BSc in Quantity Surveying in future.

Since the CECB is the semi government organization; they rarely intake the employee those who studied in private sector.  However, after my performance in interview they undertook me to work there.
The main reason for that is the construction knowledge I gained from BCAS and the English Language I learned from there.   
I am so thankful to all the staff at BCAS for their fabulous support in my career and for sure I can recommend anyone without any hesitation to go for their higher education with BCAS to fulfil their aspiration.