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imgff5Fathima Rikasa

ACCESS Programme

Search Engine Optimizer

I’m Fathima Rikasa Mohideen from Nintavur war affected Eastern part of Sri Lanka. I'm proud to say that I’m the daughter of Mr. MS. Mohideen and Mrs. Sulaiha Mohideen. Coming up with my educational life, after finishing my Advanced Level Studies, I was searching for a good institute to start my higher studies.

It was the period that BCAS Campus started branch in Kalmunai. I registered for the programme “Diploma in Information Technology”(ACCESS) in BCAS Campus. I had a best learning environment with sophisticated IT Labs. And also, I enjoyed batch trips and other useful events in campus. I was awarded in 2015 with Diploma in Information Technology in BCAS Campus and was selected as a Batch Top Medallist. As a second-year student of Bachelor of Information Technology, University of Colombo, I should say I got a great foundation from the Diploma to my higher studies in the University of Colombo.
Afterwards I got a wonderful opportunity to work in BCAS as an IT Instructor cum Assistant Academic Coordinator. I worked there for one year. Since It was my first job, it was really a good chance for me to develop my professional skills and to gain more knowledge. Currently I’m working as a Search Engine Optimizer in Bizycorp (PVT) Ltd. I’m pleased to thank BCAS Campus that gave valuable support for me towards my success in both academic and career paths. And I’m certain that BCAS Campus will lead all students towards their successful future.  
I am so thankful to all the staff at BCAS for their fabulous support in my career and for sure I can recommend anyone without any hesitation to go for their higher education with BCAS