Professor Swarna Piyasiri
Senior Professor of Zoology
B.Sc.(Peradeniya), Ph.D.(Vienna)
Dean of Academic Affairs

Welcome to the British College of Applied Studies (BCAS). It is a privilege to send this message to BCAS which has thrived up to its present position within the last 21 years through its experience in higher education. It is offering a spectrum of multidisciplinary study programs with a job oriented nature focusing towards the present-day national and international needs.

Education is a tool which inculcate national and cultural values of any country. That provides essential knowledge, techniques, skills and information required to recognize the rights and duties of a person towards their country. It provides confidence to develop a sense of personal and social responsibility and safety to acquire transferable intellectual and practical skills. In the present educational scenario, the students need critical thinking, problem solving abilities, and a demonstrated capacity to apply knowledge in diverse situations.

Universities today face tremendous complexity and ambiguity towards increasingly varied opportunities for numerous and diverse external stakeholders which emphasize the requirement of job oriented higher education. The changing dynamics of national and international politics, also have stressed the same. In order to meet this challenge, our educational strategies shall transform to secure employment prospects by encouraging and intensifying the avenues for vocational training.

BCAS is a model university in Sri Lanka to address such challenges by introducing a spectrum of job oriented multidisciplinary study programs in numerous fields in diverse schools under one roof at BCAS.

Due to the limited places for free education in the Sri Lankan universities, high percentages of students having higher grades in the Advance level examination, are left out without getting the opportunity to get university admissions. This unfortunate trend may have frustrated the young generation depriving their future dreams of entering to a suitable profession.

As a resolution to this, the BCAS strategy is to recruit the students after ordinary level or Advance level examinations and provide them the opportunity to commence their education at foundation level proceeding to Higher National Diploma (HND) levels leading to the degree levels in their interested fields.

All such programs at foundation and HND levels are assured or approved internationally by Business & Technical Education Council (BTEC) and Persons/Edexel. Locally they are approved by the Tertiary & Vocational Education Commission (TVEC).

After monitoring the quality of the programs, the degrees are conferred to the students by the partner universities such as Solent university, University of East London, University of Woverhampton or other highly reputed recognized UK universities which are approved by the University, Grants Commission of Sri Lanka. Therefore, the products of BCAS are safe with high standards which are nationally and internationally accepted and are at an affordable cost.

Our highest priority is to prepare the next generation of students to face global challenges through a high quality training to compete and excel in the workforce.

I hope that the BCAS students will get the best use of our opportunities to enhance their knowledge and technical skills to meet their expectations and contribute to finding solutions to global concerns.