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The annual cricket fiesta of BCAS Kalmunai Campus held on tuesday, 3rd of July in a grand scale at the public ground, Nintavur. The BCAS Campus, being the pioneer private higher education institute in providing industry oriented applied studies for the last 20 years not only focuses on education but extra curriculum activities and building the leadership & team spirit among its students. As part of it, the cricket fiesta falls on annual event calendar of BCAS Kalmunai Campus. The event was organized by the Student Council of BCAS Kalmunai Campus under the patronage of Lecturers and Non Academic Staff while the event was presided by the Centre Manager Eng. Mr. Hameed Ali. 

At the tournament, 8 teams from Department of Quantity Surveying, Computing, Civil Engineering, Business Management, Law and Access (Diploma in IT and English) participated. In addition to that, staff team also energetically competed throughout the tournament. The key reflection of the tournament was that all facets of the event such as organizing, commentary, judging panel, hospitality, photography, live streaming on social media and etc. were well managed by Students and Staff at the professional level which fulfilled the purpose of bringing out the hidden talents and leadership within among the students and staff.   

Out of the 9 teams, QS & Civil Batch, QS Batch 06, CSD Batch 04 and Staff team were qualified for the semi-finals. In semi-finals, QS & Civil Batch and Staff team won against QS Batch 06 and CSD Batch 04 respectively. Ultimately, the final was faced by QS & Civil Batch against the staff team. In this tough game, though staff team gave enough pressure, with student Mas. Thujinthan’s unbeaten batting QS & Civil Batch won the final against staff team in their last over. 

Despite the tournament itself, the fiesta provided countless entertainment to the students and staff where large crowd of old students of BCAS witnessed the game. The food and hospitality were generously arranged by female staff and students. The social media sensation via the form of photos and videos of the tournament is evident that the students and staff really enjoyed the day. 

Finally, the organizing committee took pleasure in thanking the Management, Staff of Kalmunai Campus, Students and all those who supported the event in all the possible ways to make the event a success and an unforgettable memory.