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BCAS Research Symposium


BCAS made a history on the 18 December 2015, through the event inaugural “BCAS Annual Research Symposium-2015”.  “BCAS Annual Research Symposium-2015” is another significant first to BCAS.

A Research Symposium is an integral part of a higher education institute where the academics get an opportunity to present their research work and discuss with others. This occasion bears clear testimony to the academic standard of BCAS where research carried out with students are being shared with the others. Internationally research plays a key role in the development of a nation and it (Research and Publication) is an essential part of any well-established higher education institute.

BCAS Campus, while ensuring academic standard has been contributing immensely to the nation building for 16 long years. BCAS having 7 campuses around the country and a Qatar campus in the State of Qatar, has lived up to its broad vision “Building Careers –Transforming Lives” and thereby made them productive citizens of Sri Lanka.

The Chief Guest was Honorable Justice Saleem Marsoof, P.C, former Judge of the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka and a judge of the Supreme Court of Fiji. He mentioned the significance of a research symposium to an academic institution.

The Guest of Honor, Dian Gomes, General Manager, Mas Holdings emphasized the importance of skills development through higher education. He mentioned it is not only the degree that one received is important but, the skills & capabilities for application of knowledge are equally important for a successful career.

The keynote address was by one of the most eminent personality in legal profession in Sri Lanka, Mr Kanag-Isvaran, President’s Counsel. Since BCAS offers degree programs in many disciplines, he very correctly selected the topic to address the students on   ‘Intellectual Property Rights and its Relevance to Research’ in order to be of relevance to the students of all disciplines and not of the students of law alone. His inspiring and informative speech was listen by students, staff and invited guests with keen interest soundlessly. He mentioned that our legal system provides certain rights and protection for owners of property – namely tangible property. Land, houses, motor cars and the like. But the kind of property we are talking about is that property that results from the fruits of mental labour. It is intangible property and is called Intellectual Property. Intellectual Property, therefore, refers to the creative ideas and expressions of the mind, which have a value – both moral and commercial. The protection thus granted is intended to stimulate the creativity of the human mind for the benefit of all by ensuring that the advantages derived from exploiting the creation benefits the creator.  This will encourage creative activity and bestow on investors in research and development a fair return on their investment.  The rights and protection for owners of Intellectual Property are based on the legal recognition of copyright, grant of a patent, an industrial design, and registration of trademarks, unfair competition, and protection of undisclosed information, trade secrets and confidentiality under the provisions of the Intellectual Property Act No. 36 of 2003.

The Chairman & CEO, Eng Abdul Rahman very proudly mentioned the British College of Applied Studies (BCAS) in Sri Lanka has catered to the youth of the country in providing vocational and tertiary education for the past 16 years.

Eng Mafeel, Director, is happy to inform that research on Information Technology and Engineering at BCAS actually commenced in its infancy itself in a limited way but with strong enthusiasm. Thus started in a humble way, the Research and Development Unit headed by a highly capable academics and scholars in IT and Engineering at BCAS and has produced many enterprising alumni of BCAS.

The outcome of some R&D by the same highly trained personalities who carried out the researches during their learning period at BCAS are already in the market as products. BCAS is proud that the small journey which began in R&D, has now expanded in great magnitude in all the fields of BCAS. We have now come to the maturity of organizing our own symposium from our research.

Professor Kshanika Hirimburegama of BCAS also mentioned the importance of a Research Symposium in an academic institution where research should play a key role.