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BCAS School of Law conducted the 3rd  debate competition on Constitutional Law on 11th June 2015.  This time the topic debated on was 19th Amendment to the Constitution of Sri Lanka.  It was the third in a series of debate competitions on Constitutional Law initiated and organized by Mr M I M Azver, Senior Visiting Lecturer of the School of Legal Studies of BCAS Campus.


The audience included Messrs Abdur Rahuman, Chairman/CEO, BCAS,  Management Staff, Departmental Heads and Academic Staff of BCAS, the Students of Law at BCAS and the parents.


While all the debaters were awarded medals and certificates, the winning team was awarded a challenging trophy and a cash reward. Ms. Shevon Silva,  LLB student received the award for the best debater.  The group of students who organized the programme also received Certificates of Appreciation.   The awards and certificates were given.