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Desk to lead – let’s give a hand to needy Students


One of the Social projects of Business Management students of BCAS Kandy Campus

Education is unarguably one of the most precious tools for a nation’s development and growth. Around the globe, importance of education has always been a major aspect concerning their future and nevertheless education has been the major element in the evolution of mankind. Sri Lanka too is no exception; the free education system is a great example which highlights the value for education given in our country. Again, the Government’s recent announcement that they will be allocating 6% of the country’s GDP just for the education sector shows that education is playing a major role in a country’s sustainability and also growth. Even after so much providence, the poverty factor is a main setback to the above said concessions.

According to a recent report of Department of Census and Statistics, 8.9% of the total population in Sri Lanka and 6.2% of the population in Kandy lives below the country’s poverty line of Rs. 3,786. So in order to empower and help the students who are hit by poverty, we have landed on a decision to provide a number of 100 modified Desks to 100 students, which will not only make their learning easier but also will fulfill some of their other wants. For a poor pupil getting a Desk like this would be highly valuable and would give him extra motivation towards studies, we also believe this will be one of the biggest assets he might have earned in his initial part of life.

So let’s join with us on 20th of December 2015, 9.am, @ Hindu cultural hall, Kandy