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Welcome to BCAS Campus

 Modern tertiary education institution that offers courses in applied training in a variety of trades. We give students the skills they require to work both in Sri Lanka and in the International market place.

The applied learning approach combines classroom lessons with hands on practical experience wherever possible, so that the students when passing out not only know the theory of their subject, but the practical application of their skills as well.

"The products of BCAS are talented, creative and smart."


Official communique by British College of Applied Studies (BCAS Campus)Official communique by British College of Applied Studies (BCAS Campus).

May 30 2019

BCAS as an institution does not endorse or promote any political ideology, religious belief or school of thoughts in particular. Our members of the Board of Governance and staff unanimously stand against any form of antisocial behaviour including extremism, terrorism hate and racism while promoting harmony and knowledge-based interactions leading to a prosperous and peaceful nation for all Sri Lankans.

  • Open Day

    September 08 2018

  • Blood Donation Camp organized by Student Council of BCAS Campus, Kalmunai

    August 16 2018

    Blood Donation Camp

  • Special workshop on drug awareness and stress management

    August 03 2018

  • Free PC Clinic & IT Consultancy Workshop in Sammanthurai

    July 12 2018

    Free PC Clinic & IT Consultancy Workshop

  • Inauguration of the IT Society of BCAS Kalmunai Campus

    July 09 2018

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