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Inauguration of the Association for Business Management


BCAS Campus celebrated the inauguration of the Association for Business Management and the ‘Desk To Lead – Project 2’at the BMICH Committee Room C last Sunday (28 February 2016).


Unlike in the past, the management education environment undergoing a sea change.  Long-held traditions and conventional management systems and methods are being discarded to accommodate new technologies in keeping with societal demands and a growing need for global integrations.  Business schools are attempting in their own way to adapt themselves and innovate new techniques in the midst of these rough currents.   In this competitive arena, the Association of Business Management (ABM) would help guide the  students of business management to a new and radiant landscape. Driven by the need for a new vision for management education, the association will start by creating platforms for communication to a broader audience. The Vision of the ABM BCAS is to provide innovative and effective solutions on productivity improvement whilst grooming young executives.


Quite fittingly, Dr Harsha Cabral, President’s Counsel, delivered the keynote address at the function.    In his speech, he highlighted  the quality standard of the curriculum of the UK universities BCAS is affiliated with. The standard he told was much higher than the state universities of Sri Lanka.  His speech in short was a motivating one as he pinpointed the pitfalls in the practical aspects of education in Sri Lanka which is mostly confined to the classrooms and lecture halls.  He wished the members of the ABM as well as the BCAS well in all their future endeavours.


With constant advances in technology, ABM will respond to the need to bring more accessible and streamlined processes and knowledge to its members and stakeholders.  ABM would continuously strive to reach an even more regional audience while appealing to the unique needs of each region. With the initiative of the association now, it will have better access and means to serve the needs of members and stakeholders in a more inclusive topography and will have established a setting for even greater outreach and collaboration.