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BSc (Hons) Nursing



Rationale for the programme 
This programme enables participants to reflect upon Health Care practice and delivery in its widest sense and to develop their own area of clinical/professional practice. The programme aims to support participants in their personal development, to become more critically aware of themselves and their environment through such processes as enquiry and reflection and to be committed to the ethos of lifelong learning.
Aims of the programme 
● Gain an in-depth knowledge and understanding of current and emergent health care environments.
● Gain knowledge and understanding of the theoretical bases underpinning concepts of governance, quality, collaboration and partnership, citizen, client/patient/centeredness in a way that relates to the relevant and influential cultures and wider environments, leadership and developmental relationships that relate to their practice.
● Develop a curiosity regarding the search for knowledge and understanding.
● Develop skills in applying the above-mentioned concepts and theories within practice, with the ultimate aim of improving the delivery and experience of health care for stakeholders.
● Encourage and develop skills in advanced independent work, though supporting participants to make the connection between individual and organizational learning, through the learning objectives and related assessment strategies throughout the course.


Principles of Infection Prevention and Control
Health Promotion
Research Design
Clinical and Professional Leadership
Facilitating Workplace Learning
Improving the Quality of Healthcare