The SOLENT UNIVERSITY SOUTHAMPTON  of UK, which ranks 73rd in the Gurdian Ranking, together with British College of Applied Studies, BCAS offer a unique MBA experience in Sri Lanka. Marking the end of the first semester of the SOLENT university MBA batch, a meet up was held between the MBA faculty, students of BCAS Kandy Campus and representatives of the SOLENT University. 

The key participants of this initiative were the MBA faculty members & two representatives Prof. Paul Marchbank and Prof. Joanne Hooker from the SOLENT University UK along with some potential MBA students. The maiden batch of the SOLENT university MBA program of BCAS Kandy Campus who successfully completed their first semester were eager to be a part of this meetup as it was a very special retreat with some important objectives.

The Primary Objective of this meetup was Sharing Experiences. The students of the MBA program were able to share their first semester experience of this study program through a variety of presentations and informative sessions. These sessions showed how much of a value addition the first semester alone has been to the students which have contributed to their careers and also their confidence. 

The keynote speech was delivered by Mr.Munasinghe on “Why an MBA in Sri Lanka?”. The importance of  a MBA was elaborated and a wider understanding was given to the audience. 

The University of SOLENT took pride in presenting the specialty of this exclusive MBA program and their IT top-up programs which was very informative and well received. 

The highlight of the event was the MBA Club formation of the BCAS- SOLENT MBA students which was also hosted by the students with a range of objectives. “Share to Learn and Learn to Share” was pronounces  as a guiding tagline for their future activities. Being so, the continuous sharing their experience as MBA graduates inside the classroom and their respective work experiences in order to help each other to grow as professionals.  

Another objective was to create a learning environment through various activities and to further enhance the individual qualities required to excel in the dynamic organizational environment. 

Yet as an another objective of this retreat it was highlighted to extend the activities as CSR model which will be specialized in educational uplifting of deserved students in the society.