Success Stories

imgff10Amalan Dilan Muscringhe

Chief Accountant

My name is Amalan Dilan Muscringhe and I was born on the 08th of July, 1993 in Mannar, a rural Northern of Sri Lanka. I have a beautiful family.I have one Elder brother and one younger sister. My father is working as a Fisherman and my mother is a housewife; she always stayed at home and took care of the family. My brother is working as a sales executive and my sister is doing her Advance Level. 

I went to elementary school when I was 7 years old. After elementary School, I went to high school. When I was studying in high school, I participated in most of the curricular activities such as Cricket and Football.When I was 16 years old, I did my Ordinary Level Examinations and was passed, by getting  ‘A’ in Catholicism, Health &Physics, Business Studies, Mathematics and ‘B’ in Tamil, Tamil Literature and ‘C’ in English and science and history as well. After three years passed, I had to sit for my AdvanceLevel Examinations on 2012 and was passed, by getting ‘A’ for accounting and ‘B’ for Business Studies and ‘B’ for Economics. 
Unfortunately, based on my results, I couldn’t enter the Local University and also as I was from a middle class family, I couldn’t afford for my higher studies so I started working as a Trainee in Dialog Company for 10 months . Afterwards, I started working in UTN Trading Company as a Sales Representative for 1 year. Subsequently, after gaining experience and earning some money, I was moved to Colombo, the State Capital to do my HND. Later, I started to join BCAS University as it was a Unique University. Comparatively the cost is less and affordable. When I joined BCAS University my English Language was weak and some other skills too. But after completing my HND by a getting a distinction pass, my skills had gradually increased. Therefore, I decided to do my Degree in University of Wolverhampton From BCAS. As I was continuing my Degree, I was offered a job through BCAS to work as an Assistant Accounting in Hichem Marketing (PVT) Ltd. After completed my Degree successfully, I was promoted as a Chief Accountant in Hichem Marketing (PVT) Ltd.
First of all, I would like to thank my beloved parents who supported me throughout the days. Secondly, I would thank BCAS, Wolverhampton and their Lecturers from the bottom of the heart for their support, help and for their guidance. Once again, thank you for your help and your efforts will forever be remembered and treasured in my heart.

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