Success Stories

imgff15Lushanthy Muthukrishnan


When I reflect on my three years in the University of Wolverhampton’s degree program, I conclude that it was a life-changing experience that was crucial for the take- off of my career. Joining BCAS was easily one of the best decisions I made in my 20’s. Soon after high school, I started employment at the age of 19 in a finance company as a trainee.  My passion was diplomacy but I was forced by my parents to do financing. Soon after, I found employment opportunities in an overseas bank but failed to join, as I had simply no qualification but just a few years of experience only. I flew back home with frustration and was determined in joining an institute and reapplying for the same job.
I was could not join a local University with my high school results and had no financial support from my parents .It was then that I found BCAS: affordable, up to international standards with flexible schedules for a working professional. It equipped me with in-depth knowledge on business and finance concepts and molded me with managerial and team working skills. Throughout the program I met supportive lectures who taught lessons of book and life.    Soon after my graduation, doors opened for many interviews and now I’ve been promoted as the Assistant Manager of the branch where I employed for the last 7 years. I find myself able to manage staff, undergo risks and challenges which I have developed during my days in BCAS.
BCAS exceeded my expectations and also made me understand that no professional challenge is too difficult to defeat. Now I feel much confident knowing that I have achieved such mileage in my life. Therefore I encourage my friends taking up this Wolverhampton University degree so that they also will share the same rewarding experience as I do today. My sincere gratitude to BCAS and the University of Wolverhampton.” 

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