Success Stories

imgff24Saumya Heendeniya

BSc (Hons) in Biomedical Science

Postgraduate Student

I’m Saumya Heendeniya. I’m a graduate of University of Wolverhampton in BSc (Hons). Biomedical science. I started my journey in a country where mere academic results determine a child’s future overlooking a child’s passion and talent. I arrived at a turning point in my life after I have faced my second attempt in Advanced level examination in 2013. A huge decision was in front of me whether or not to select a state university where majority of Sri Lankans holds a perception of education supremacy, even though the path of study was selected behalf of you which wasn’t the path of study I dreamed of following. It was my dream to be a scientist in molecular medicine. 

With lot of dreams and with my parents blessing beside I choose to study at British College of Applied studies (BCAS) following Btec Higher national diploma in Biomedical science, which turned out to be one of the best decisions in my life. It was truly and amazing experience. I truly enjoyed studying at BCAS. BCAS offered me a launching pad to achieve my dreams. Apart from academic work, it was a pleasure to work as the founding president of Biomedical Science Society at British college of applied studies and as author in “Aurora” the monthly science magazine of Campus, which was a great platform for students who are hungry for self-improvement. The support and guidance given by well qualified academic staff was immeasurable, this lead me to achieve the best performance of the Btec higher national diploma in biomedical science at British college of applied studies. With those achievements I walked in to the University of Wolverhampton Biomedical science degree program conducted at BCAS, which equipped me with knowledge necessary to achieve my goals and the valuable opportunity given to us to work with best intellectuals from different universities couldn’t be left unmentioned. At this moment I’m in the process of publishing my first research and I’m currently a postgraduate student at the Institute of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, University of Colombo. The attributes and knowledge I gained from BCAS will be there with me. BCAS provided me the tools to achieve my goals and make my school and my parents proud.

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