Success Stories

imgff26Shakthi Udayanga Mayadunne

BSc (Hons) in MIT

Systems Engineering Analyst / Automation Engineer

My name is Shakthi Udayanga and I am a proud graduate student of British College of Applied Studies. When I received my GCE A/L results, I was at a loss as to what to do next, since my grades did not par to the qualifications required to enter the State University. It was during this time, that I had chosen BCAS to further climb the life ladder.

When I talk about the course; HND in CSD, I always remember how interesting and valuable all the sessions were. To top it off, the course also included invaluable practical sessions as well. With all this, I managed to successfully complete the program with flying colours.
The entire course was conducted in top tier English, with all technical languages that needed to be learnt. Ultimately, this was extremely useful to my fellow students and me when we joined our respective occupations in the fast-paced IT world.
I started out as a simple student, with little hope of achieving anything. Now I am a proud HND graduate student and a current degree final year student of University of Wolverhampton with an innovative profession at Accenture, and I take great pride in knowing that I can provide for my family. For all this, I am grateful and thankful to BCAS, my family members and all who stood for me giving me educational status and an opportunity at becoming somebody.

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