Success Stories

imgff7Shazni Sujah - BA (Hons)

Bachelor in Business Administration

Junior Executive – HR & Administration

I was born as the first child in a middle-class family. I started my primary and secondary education in a School which was in my home town Panadura and it was not a leading private school. With utmost difficulty, my father managed to enroll me in that school which he wanted me to do my studies in English Medium.  My outstanding performance and the good leadership quality made me to serve as the Head prefect of the school for 2 years which I learnt to take responsibility along with humanity. With a lot of commitment and dedication, I passed the Cambridge Ordinary level examination in the same school.
After passing out from the School I didn’t know which path to follow and I was not interested in doing my A/L but I was fascinated by Business Studies and getting involved in Business operations. During these period, I was doing nothing, then my uncle wanted me to get involved in his business and start managing it. This is the time which I started to expose to the real world which I got adapted to the business environment and got experience there for six months. 
Then I thought I should also have some professional qualifications to move forward in the industry and to gain more experience. This is where I started to look for a college to continue my studies and find the correct path. My relatives and friends suggested me many courses and well-respected college to do my studies but in my mind, it was decided that I wanted to do something related to management or in the field of business.  Then I did few research and finding on all the colleges available in Sri Lanka. I was also concerned about the UGC recognition of the college which will make sure that they have the standard of studies. 
After going through many colleges, I selected British College of Applied Studies (BCAS) to do my Higher Education since they are affordable and had good recognitions. They wanted me to start with Foundation course which is Business Management Acumen Program(BMAC) because I have not completed my A/L. This course was to give me some basic knowledge about the field of business management. With all my capabilities and efforts, I scored all distinctions and became the batch top of the class. This made myself more confident on the field which I was following and gave me the motivation to do my higher studies. I observed that the lectures of BCAS are well qualified and had handful of experience. They were very dedicative while teaching and was very helpful for the students. Then I decided to do my Higher National Diploma in Business management at the same college. 
I selected to do my Higher studies as part time so I can start working somewhere which I will be able to fund for the studies by myself. I don’t want my parents to spend because I know the trouble they go through, to save up that money each year while also providing the best for my brother and sister.  Then I got a job offer at Amana Bank as a Business Development Officer. This is where I learnt how to be professional and understood about the working environment in a company. While I was doing my course, I was appointed as the treasure of BCAS Student council. It was very complicated to manage the studies as well as the work but I gave some extra effort and made it moving. I was working for the bank for about 8 months and it started to conflict with my studies because sometimes I must work on weekend. 
I was worried about leaving the job but I had the confident that I will be able get a better one which made me to resign the work. After applying so many companies I was offered a job at Expoteas Ceylon (Pvt) Ltd. (Formerly known as Expolanka Teas) as Account Assistant then after 6 month I was transferred to HR & Administration department as HR & Admin. Assistant after considering my qualifications. The studies were very tough with work load but with the support of lectures at the college I completed my HND in business management successfully. 
I spent more than 2 years in BCAS Campus while doing my BMAC and HND in business management which they supported me in all the ways to complete my studies and gave me all the required training to develop myself and to gain more knowledge. Then I decided to do my Degree in Business management at BCAS Campus affiliated with the university of Wolverhampton. Since I was still working I could fund by myself to do the degree, I worked hard and saved money to pay for the degree.
The degree was tough when comparing to the HND but I had my confident and gave the maximum effort. It was very difficult to balance my work as well as studies which I spent many sleepless night and did my assignments. We had a very hard time during our final project where we didn’t have much time since we are working. So only at night we spare the time to spend on our studies. On the other hand, after evaluating my performance at my workplace I was promoted as Junior Executive HR & Administration. Finally, after giving all the commitment and hardworking I completed my degree in Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Business management. 
The BCAS Campus & University of Wolverhampton made me to achieve my goals and made me an academically qualified person. They provided me with opportunities to get involved with leadership, extracurricular activities and experience a sense of belonging. I have been grateful for the additional supports given by lecturers, and have felt encouraged to engage with my degree and enjoyed being a student at BCAS Campus & University of Wolverhampton.

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