A one of a kind institution which focuses on giving its students a combination of distinctive character and academic vision to pursue a career of their choice either in Sri Lanka or in the International arena.

“We develop the creative talent for the next generation”

Information Technology is a vital part of today’s world and BCAS ensures all aspects of IT is covered within their programs offered here, which would ensure every student be eligible for…

If you are looking to get a head start in your engineering career, BCAS courses are the way to go at gives you an intense training and development program, specifically designed to further enhance your…

Apart from teaching all aspects of management, through the programs at BCAS every student who successfully completes their respective management diploma or degree….

The School of Health Science gives students a first-hand experience in collaborations with universities such as Medical faculty, KDU, Medical faculty of the University of Colombo, Genetech…

The school of Building Studies at BCAS comprises of programs designed to produce the future professional in the construction industry. Specially tailor made to suit your initial…

The LLB Degree program consists of 6 semesters taught over 3 years. This degree enables the graduate to progress to the Attorney at law examinations sample saempl….

Our English Program focuses on broadening the knowledge required to assist you in today’s work place. Click here to join our School of English and Languages and see what we have to offer…

The level 7 extended diploma in strategic management and leadership is a postgraduate qualification which prepares the student for a higher level of management skills. It covers a…




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Professor Swarna Piyasiri

Former Chair & Senior Professor of Zoology
and Former Dean, Faculty of Graduate Studies,
University of Sri Jayewardenepura
Dean of Academic Affairs, BCAS Campus

Welcome to the British College of Applied Studies (BCAS). It is a privilege to send this message to BCAS which has thrived up to its present position within the last 21 years through its experience in higher education. It is offering a spectrum of multidisciplinary study programs with a job oriented nature focusing towards the present-day national and international needs.

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Message from Academic Partners

Professor Karen Stanton
Vice-Chancellor, Solent University, UK

“At Solent, we are committed to our international communities and are proud to have been in partnership with BCAS since October 2019.  We are delighted to be providing students in Sri Lanka access to outstanding Solent courses in business and computing, and we look forward to building on our partnership in years to come.”

Professor Alistair Fitt
Vice-Chancellor,Oxford Brookes University, UK

“As we celebrate the start of this exciting new partnership between Oxford Brookes University and the British College of Applied Studies (BCAS), we would like to warmly welcome the first cohort of students to the Oxford Brookes global community. We hope that this is the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship, which will be of benefit both to our institutions and to Sri Lanka. We wish our students in Sri Lanka every success and look forward to guiding them on their journey.”

Academic Partners

Orientation: Oxford Brookes Universty & University of East London Top-up Degree Programmes

Orientation: Oxford Brookes Universty & University of East London Top-up Degree Programmes

The Orientation program of Oxford Brookes University & University of East London top-up degree programmes was held at ...
Orientation – Top-up Degree Programmes | Solent University, UK

Orientation – Top-up Degree Programmes | Solent University, UK

Orientation – Top-up Degree Programmes | Solent University, UK A five-star welcoming had been arranged for Solent University, ...

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