Dr. Susil Kumara Silva
CEO & Executive Director
BCAS Campus

CEO’s Message

British College of Applied Studies (BCAS) is a premium higher education institution in Sri Lanka with 23+ years of trusted excellence. BCAS is in the process of rapidly expanding higher education options for Sri Lankan youth with wide range of degree options in affiliation with top-ranked Universities in the UK.

BCAS focuses on delivering real world, relevant business and technological programmes with a balance of theory and applied learning, providing students with both strategic and soft interpersonal skills.

World is at the forefront of modern as well as unpredictable challenges. Focus on globalization, technology breakthrough and innovation alone cannot find answers for the current issues.  Graduates are nowadays required to be more systemic and sensitive to ecological factors than ever before underpinning Triple Bottom Line (TBL).

As the senior management of BCAS, we are ambitiously looking forward for a long-lasting, mutually beneficial partnership in achieving the common goals in the locally and internationally thriving private higher education sector.

Dr. Susil Kumara Silva
PhD (Mgt. - UJP)
Executive Director / CEO BCAS Campus
Management Consultant, Lecturer, Researcher, Accredited Director (SL), Chartered Member CIPM, MSLIM, AMITD; 25 Years of Experience in Construction, Engineering, Trading, Apparel Manufacturing and Education Sectors