BCAS Career Guidance - ‘Maximising Your Potential’

BCAS Careers Service offers a wealth of tailored support to help you find and pursue your career goals. It doesn’t matter what subject you choose to study, whether you’re planning on entering the job market when you graduate or are interested in further study, we can support you in whatever choice is right for you. We also offer careers support for life, so even after you have graduated you can access our expert advice.


Academic Development

Academic development is a personal growth process in which you gradually discover what you want to be good at and what you are good at in the academic world. During your studies, you discover which courses interest you the most, what your studies can offer you, and what you want to do after you finish. You could work as a researcher, a lawyer, a doctor, an urban and rural planner, or a policymaker. Which skills, work experience, or network are required? Examine the possibilities for your development within, outside of, and after your studies.

Skills Development

Have you ever tried to accomplish a goal but received only mediocre results? Have you ever observed others effortlessly achieving their goals and wondered how they do it? Here is where skill development comes into play. In this post, I talk more about skill development, why it's important for goal achievement, and how to get started. The process of (1) identifying your skill gaps and (2) developing and honing these skills is known as skill development. It is significant because your abilities determine your ability to carry out your plans successfully.

Personal Development

Personal growth is an ongoing process. It is a method for people to evaluate their abilities and qualities, consider their life goals, and set objectives in order to realize and maximize their potential. This page assists you in identifying the skills required to set life goals that can improve your employability, boost your confidence, and lead to a more fulfilling, higher-quality life. Plan to make relevant, positive, and effective life choices and decisions for the future in order to achieve personal empowerment.

Internship Partner Programme

With necessary work ethics and life skills Interns will be assisted in securing a 6-month internship at a workplace relevant to their field of study. The goal of the internship is for interns to gain practical work experience, create a portfolio of work guided by a mentor from the relevant workspace, and determine whether the intern has the potential to join the workspace as a full-time employee.

Life-Long Support

The Careers Service offers career support for life, so we can continue to help you once you have graduated and beyond.

Alumni Can

  • Search our job vacancy board on “Careers”
  • Attend events specifically for alumni, such as our “BCAS Alumni Night” events for recent graduates and those returning to work after a break
  • Attend our "Careers Fairs"

BCAS Career Compass

The Career Compass, though compact, is a powerful coaching sequence helping you uncover your potentials. Designed for individuals at all levels either within an organization or as an individual, it aims to provide knowledge to find clarity and motivation about their career ambitions. The programmes at Career Compass are in-depth and unique to each participant. They are designed to unlock an individual’s motivation for their professional future. They are an ideal way to empower and support individuals who are ready to reassess their careers.


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