Dec 30, 2022

International Moot Court Competition in India

Positioned in top 10 teams based on Moot Memorial Score and Merit prize of 9th Best Memorial. 

Amity Law School, Noida presented the 12th edition of its Amity International Moot Court Competition, 2022. The event was scheduled on- 4th November 2022 & 5th November 2022 in Online Mode.

A felicitation ceremony was held recently to celebrate the contributions and achievements at the competition by the students of BCAS Campus.The team was coached by Mr. Minura Ahangama (Head – School of Law) and assistant Coach: Mrs. Nidumi Wijerathne (Coordinator School of Law).

This year’s competition was based on the leading issues of ‘International Criminal Law’ and ‘International Humanitarian Law’ which comprise the laws of war and protect civilians, civilian objects, and the environment from direct attack. There were five issues in the moot problem of the competition related to crimes of aggression, cyber warfare, autonomous unmanned weapon systems, and environmental disruption in times of warfare. BCAS Campus Mooting Team Claimed 9th Ranking out of 53 teams which participated in the competition.

The BCAS Team Members

Speaker 01: D.M. Thamila Thajitha Dassanayake

Speaker 02: S.A. Yehasha Nithya

Researcher: R. Dilmini Tharika Rajapaksha